UV Painting Nail Art Gel - 46 - Creamy Bronze Rose - 4g

UV Painting Nail Art Gel - 46 - Creamy Bronze Rose - 4g Click to enlarge
8.54€ (7.12€ + VAT)
  4g   30 sec
  2 min   50 sec
Attention! Although we try our best, colours may look different in live because of the settings of your phone/screen.
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Mystic Nails
Unit price: 2.14€/g

These gorgeous glimmering metalic Painting gels are part of the UV Painting Nail Art gels. It's creamy thick consistency provides the wide range of decorating.
After decorating there's no need to neither wipe or cover because it cures without a sticky layer. Used as a full colour put just a small amount of gel, and cover it with a flexible top. In this case it can be put onto any kind of base except gel polish, as the UV Painting Nail Art gel is not flexible.
For decorating it can be used to any kind of base - abtract patterns, thin rules..just the sky is the limit!

UV: 2min
LED: 50 sec
CCFL: 30 sec

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