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About Us

Behind the scenes...

I was thinking about to tell You how Mystic Nails members create one unit and what a fantastic teamwork is needed to be able to release a single product which you might also keep in your hands near this catalogue right now.

Would you think that every single new gel polish color or a new builder gel has to pass a processing progress including nearly 100 checkpoints also requiring precisely coordinated work of at least 30 people together till that product could even enter the market? And this all happens with the ready formula not to talk about the R&D and testing process which can easily take plus ten times more effort than this.

This is what we call real teamwork!

It reminds me on a symphony orchestra. All the instruments can play the same time but they do not compete each other. They sound in different ways they have different voices and they keep pause different times but together they work as one whole with precise and close cooperation to create their common masterpiece.

This happens the very same way in the “orchestra” of Mystic Nails.

Every single member of our team has incredibly important role in the implementation of our products. I simply cannot express by words how proud of them we are.

And your remarks are our sheet music giving us power and inspiration to be able to create more and more new masterpieces.

Maybe you are not aware of what means for all Mystic Nails members the lot of positive feedback we get from our customers, so I tell you now: for us it is EVERYTHING!

Dear Reader hereby I would like to welcome you behind the scenes!

Gyimesi Dóra
Founder of Mystic Nails


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