Classic Mover Pink Gel - 4g

Classic Mover Pink Gel - 4g Click to enlarge
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Unit price: 0.47€/g
  15g   1 min
  2 min   Medium
  50 sec   Yes
Mystic Nails
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Curing time (LED) Yes
Covering ability Excellent
Suitable for bending Yes
Curing time (UV) 2 minutes
Viscosity Medium
Soak-off No
  • cool shade
  • covers perfectly
  • self-spreading
  • doesn't burn
  • can be used as a colour
Are you looking for a cover with cooler shade, perfect covering ability and which is good for pinching? We introduce you the Limited Edition Mover Pink. Why is it called Mover Pink? Because our company is supporting this year the fight against prostate cancer it's called the Movember campaign. Thousands of men are losing the battle against the prostate cancer that's why we have decided to support this case. You can help also: buying the promotional Mover Pink (unit 15g), means 1EUR donation to the Movember Foundation. Our motto is: Save a Fella!
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