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Dragon Eye Magnet

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Mystical, unique, dignified, wild – Are you any of these? Then Mystic Nails Dragon Eye effect gel polish collection is made for you.

These special effect gel polishes work with a magnet to create amazing „Dragon Eye” look on ANY COLORS. Yes it is true! You can use these Dragon Eye effect gel polishes on any base color which will result in many variations up to your taste.

Enjoy the eye-catching spectacle as the light-strip wanders while moving the nail!

Usage: These effect gel polishes always need a base color to be applied on as a cover coat. Apply the Dragon Eye Effect gel polish on the base color and place the magnet over the nail (2-3 mm distance) for 1-2 seconds finally cure in UV for 2 min. or LED for 50 sec. CCFL for 20 sec.


1, Dragon Eye effect gel polishes can be used on the top of any sculpted nails covered with Color Gel or even LeGrande Color Gel as well. In this case always apply Base/Gloss or Luxury Glossy Finish Gel as a top sealer.

2, The best effect comes when applied on darker colors.

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