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2020 year summary

2020 has been an unexpected year with many challenges... I believe there will always be difficult times and every difficulty must be seen as a challenge. At such times, we realize how quickly the things we take for granted - health, family, everyday life, holidays - can become uncertain and unpredictable. Moments like this shed light on the things we can be GRATEFUL for: our health, family, workplace and relationships.

 We are grateful to YOU! We are grateful that you have created a community where helping each other is important. We are grateful to have colleagues in the Mystic Nails team who prove every day that it’s not just a workplace, it’s a real community that works along the values ​​every day we laid down 14 years ago.

 We have brought you an overview of what happened to us in 2020:

·         Almost 100 new products were introduced in 12 product lines

·         Our exclusive Facebook group (Műkörmösöknek Szeretettel & Szenvedélyből) became one of the most popular professional communities in Hungary in just one year, with almost 10,000 members

·         We have made a huge progress in environmental awareness with the introduction of Eco Files

·         In spring, at the beginning of the pandemic, we distributed 250.000 HUF worth of vouchers among needy nail technicians.

·         We donated 100-100 pieces of hand sanitizers to the local clinic and an NGO

·         Two nail shapes I designed were registered as design marks by the European Union Intellectual Property Office - the two shapes are called MYSTIC and FLASH.

·         In spring, we organized the first - but not the last - online Mystic Day in the history of our company, where more than 600 people followed the event, and did it in the autumn as well.

·         In the framework of the “Save a Fella” project, we donated 1 EUR of every purchased Mover Pink gel in 2021 for the prevention of prostate cancer.

·         When we learned that the Wildlife Park in Szeged is struggling financially, we adopted three Asian elephants named Felix, Sly and Shandi to support their care for months.

·         Our professional team was expanded with 2 new professional members: Rebeka and Reni

·         The number of our awards continued to grow: we became the first company in Hungary to have won MagyarBrands and Excellent Employer Brand Award for the third time in a row

·         A record number of nearly 150 entries were received for the Nail Artist of the Year competition

·         After a long preparation, we switched to 100% recycled boxes, so not only the packaging material but also the box itself is environmentally friendly.

·         Instead of Black Friday, we announced Green Wednesday to create a tradition, within the framework of which we will plant almost 50 trees in the spring of 2021 on behalf of our customers.

·         Last but not least, we set the date of the 1st Mystic Nail Camp we planned for this summer, but postponed due to the pandemic. The date is 21-24 June 2021.

As you can see, this was a year full of actions for us. We tried to make the most of it, and there was someone else to do it: YOU


Thank you for being here and for staying with us on this exciting journey! See you again in 2021! <3 heart


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