More Practical Size, Same Quality: New Gel Polish sizing from Mystic Nails Hungary!

We are happy to inform you that we have listened to your requests for years and based on your feedback we are changing our gel polish packaging. We know that the 12 ml version is a bigger expense, and many of you would prefer a smaller version that fits your budget better and gives you the opportunity to try more colours.
That's why we've decided to phase out the 12 ml version and offer your favourite gel polishes in 6 ml instead, in the usual glass jars. 
Why do you prefer the 6 ml version?
Smaller package, Greater Flexibility
Smaller packaging means less spending, which allows you to buy more colours on the same budget. This can be particularly important if you are just starting to buy into your salon, or if you want to expand your colour palette without having to invest more.
More Colour, More Possibility
You can buy more colours for the same amount of money, so you can offer your guests a wider choice. This increases satisfaction and leads to repeat customers, as everyone loves having more options to choose from.
More practical storage
Smaller bottles take up less space, leaving more room in the salon for other materials and tools. What's more, smaller sizes are also easier to handle, organise and transport, which can be particularly beneficial if you want to take them with you for training.
Fresher Stock, Always Current Colours
Smaller packs sell out faster, so you can always work with a fresh supply. This means you can keep the latest trends and colours on your shelves without having to use up a large amount of old stock.
Less waste
Because you use up smaller packs faster, there's less wastage when a colour is no longer as popular.
Nothing else changes: the quality is still excellent, the colours remain intense and long-lasting, only the packaging has become smaller and more practical!
Thank you for your continued support and we trust that the new packaging will please you and make your work even easier!