Revolutionary hypoallergenic gel polishes now in an even more practical size!

The Mystic Nails Sensitive range was born out of a vision to provide nail professionals who want to pay special attention to minimizing the chances of allergic reactions and symptoms for their clients and themselves, with an alternative that is TRUE and CONFIRMED to meet these expectations.
We are pleased to announce that the Mystic Nails Sensitive range is also moving to the new, more practical size and will now be available in 6 ml! This new handy size is perfect for nail professionals, making it easier to use and minimising wastage. With the new packaging you can work even more economically by using smaller quantities, so there's less waste and you're always working with fresh material.
Mystic Nails Sensitive products are a proven hypoallergenic range, with true hypoallergenicity proven by accredited international laboratory testing! During this hypoallergenic test, the product is tested on a minimum of 40 subjects who have previously shown allergic symptoms for 48-72 hours. The test volunteers are all people suffering from atopic dermatitis, other contact dermatitis (contact dermatitis, contact eczema) or hypersensitivity to other cosmetics, household and cleaning products, and skin irritation only!)
The Sensitive product range can only include product developments where 0 (zero!) cases of irritation, sensitization or allergic reactions are registered in the test! As a result, all members of the Sensitive product family have been proven and verified to meet the hypoallergenic requirements and can therefore legally and correctly use the official hypoallergenic certification!
This is not a marketing ploy, no promises and no deception, there is enough of that on the market already! We even publish the test results for each case, so you can see them uploaded alongside each product.
You may ask, does hypoallergenic mean HEMA-free? No. The hypoallergenic certification is much more than that: it ensures that our products are safe for your most sensitive skin, without compromising on quality or durability.
It is important to note that the hypoallergenic rating does not guarantee that no one will have an allergic reaction to the product, as the chances of this happening vary from person to person.