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Annual summary - 2022

As we’re heading to the year end, it's worth  taking a moment out of the daily rush to make a summery of the past year. It's been an extraordinary time again, but we at Mystic Nails are used to that: every year brings exciting challenges and tasks that we embrace with enthusiasm and unwavering faith. Let's see what 2022 was like from Mystic Nails' perspective:

- We started the year 2022 with an extraordinary event: on 9 February, our company turned 15 years old. It started as a family business with 4 employees in 2007, but has grown to a company with 40 employees exporting to nearly 30 countries. Over the years, it has become Hungary's most awarded nail brand, with countless national and international partners and perhaps most importantly, Hungary's most cohesive nail community. We celebrated this event with a fantastic prize competition.

- We have been honored with new prizes: Since 2018, we have been awarded every year by HungarianBrands, where we are recognised not only as a brand, but also as an employer. The HungarianBrands Outstanding Employer Brand Award is also special because to be eligible for it, the applicant must also win in another HungarianBrands category. Only one other company in the history of the award can claim to have won both the Brand and Employer Awards. At the end of the year, we received another piece of good news: for the first time, we were also awarded as an Outstanding Consumer Brand. The award is given by the Professional Committee on the basis of brand reputation, brand awareness and brand likeability. The latter was assessed on the basis of consumer research by the independent Market Research Institute Impetus Research Ltd.

- Because women are more important to us than anything else, in the spring we donated HUF 200,000 to the "Together is easier" Women's Health Foundation, which helps women suffering from endometriosis through education and information presentations and counselling. The foundation's staff held an information lecture to raise awareness of the symptoms of the disease, both among company employees and in our exclusive, closed group for nail technicians.

- We were proud to present the SolveAir air disinfector, a multiple innovation award-winning product, which has been developed and designed specifically for nail salons. Besides not emitting any harmful substances, the device destroys 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in the air.

- Cosmoprof is one of the world's largest beauty industry events, held every year in Bologna, among other places, and our company was present as an exhibitor this year. The event attracted a 2700-strong exhibitor team and tens of thousands of visitors from 140 countries, who came to discover the latest beauty innovations and trends. For us it was the most successful Bologna show ever, with dozens of potential new distributors negotiated and more than 1,500 people visiting us over the 4 days of the show.

- Mystic Day, our professional event, was held again this year. In late May and early October, nail professionals from all over the country gathered to participate in the region's largest nail event.

The two events attracted nearly 600 participants, who were able to listen to countless professional presentations.

- Our most exclusive programme yet, the Mystic Nails Certified Salon Programme, has been launched and already has 5 registered participants. Participants in the Salon Program receive unique branding elements, birthday discounts and professional support from our founder, Dori Gyimesi, and pledge to provide quality service using almost exclusively Mystic Nails products.

- We’ve launched our customer review campaign, which exceeded all expectations: more than 6000 customer reviews about Mystic Nails products were posted on our webshop this year. It’s not only important for the quality assurance process of our product development, but also a great help for other nail professionals

- Our Facebook page has reached 30,000 followers and to celebrate it we have launched a competition. Our professional community, the „For Nail technicians with Love & Passion” Facebook group, is about to reach the 13.000 member . That's a big thing, because the admission to the group is very strict, with a professional qualification as a prerequisite. So we can slowly say that we have one of the largest professional communities in Hungary!

- The Mystic Nails community, among others, contributed to an advocacy initiative that successfully called for a joint European declaration to tighten the ban on animal testing of cosmetics.

- Within our environmental project, we renewed our grant contract for the elephants adopted from Szeged Wildlife Park in 2020, so we supported the care of Sly, Félix and Shandi again this year.

- In terms of our green ambition, this year we have completely abandoned plastic tape for sealing our packages and now we are using only paper-based packaging, 84% less than before. This means that the entire Mystic Nails package (box, box filler and glue) is now environmentally friendly. We are working on making the delivery of the packages as green as possible, but that's a surprise for the future ;)


We wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday season, and on behalf of the whole Mystic Nails team, thank you for joining us in 2022! See you next year!