At the first glance, the 2024 Diaries have become enchanting!

We either bloom your day with flowers or accompany you to the world of work with the warm gaze of a bear cub, but the charming little owls also await their loving nail artist owners. Every moment counts. Let's bring joy together with the new addition that takes into account both relaxation and creative skills, the COLORING PAGES, placed even on the inner pages! The proven useful interior is designed with an ANNUAL OVERVIEW, MONTHLY layouts, and a DAILY APPOINTMENT setup starting from november 27, 2023.
You'll also find space for name, address, and phone notes, a BIRTHDAY CALENDAR, and a place for YOUR NOTES. To plan your future and motivate the realization of your goals, we've included a section for MY 2024 GOALS to assist you in this aspect. We've marked holidays and name days as well, so you can keep in mind the needs and personal joys of your guests.
This handy, sponge-textured cover, feminine diary with substantial inner value can fit in any-sized bag or be a dear addition to your workspace! Choose from the beautiful covers soon, so you can also have such a fantastic „colleague” for the coming year!