Summer refreshment in the EVOLUTION product line!

Dear Nail Techs,


We know exactly how important the role of renewal is in every woman's life, and we also know that renewal is always needed and has great result!

So we are going to renew the appearance of some product lines in the future. As the first step in the Mystic Nails product design renewal project, the Evolution product line will merge into the Classic line, everything else will remain the same!

What kind of change does this mean for you?

All you have to do is look for EVOLUTION gels in the Classic range, at an unchanged price and excellent quality, but with the following names:

Evo Mega Clear Gel

Evo Smooth Clear Gel

Evo Cover Peach Gel

Evo Supreme White Gel

Well, there is a bit of a twist in the story, because the design of the products is constantly changing, so the same product may be released with the old and the new look, but don’t feel confused about it :)


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