Flexi Builder Cover 12ml Gel Polish

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  12ml   50 mp
  2 min   Yes
  30 sec  
Mystic Nails
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It is a pinkish camouflage color, which is perfect for French nails, and it provides an elegant and natural look when used on the whole nail.

Extremely flexible and pinchable gel polish

With Flexi Builder Cover gel-polish you can fix the broken nail corner, and extend the natural nail to even as long as 3-5 mms. Its thick viscosity enables it to heighten the surface of the natural nail (to build nice C curve).

Cover, as base and as color:
It creates thick base, this way the nails are less vulnerable, therefore it provides a longer wearing time. It ensures a homogenous nude color base for further colors.

- pinkish camouflage color
- non-yellowing
- soak-off
- flexible
- thick
- non-wipe

UV: 2 min
LED: 30 sec
CCFL: 50 sec

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