GlamEye Gel Polish 02 - 6ml

GlamEye Gel Polish 02 - 6ml Click to enlarge
9.24€ (7.70€ + VAT)
  06ml   50 sec
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  50 sec
Attention! Although we try our best, both the shade you see on the screen and the shade you purchased previously may be different from the current one. The former is due to the individual settings of the screens, the latter is to the pigmentation of the materials.
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Mystic Nails
Unit price: 1.54€/ml
Colors filter Blue & Green

Let the mesmerizing colors enchant you! If you are looking for a unique appearance: you’ve found it! Use only the color, apply it on a base color or use a magnet for it; the GlamEye Gel Polish is the best choice, if you want to stand out from the crowd.

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