A Nail company becomes one the most awarded Brand and Employer

HungarianBrands award is a Hungarian brand that awards Hungarian companies within and outside our borders, as well as represents values in the national and international markets that certify reliability and quality for customers.  

Our company, Mystic Nails Hungary Kft. has been a HungarianBrands award winner every year since 2018, where we have been awarded not only as a Brand, but also as an Employer. The HungarianBrands Excellent Employer Brand Award is also special to win, because the applicant has to be a winner of another HungarianBrands category. In the award’s history only one other company has won both the Excellent Brand and Excellent Employer Brand awards each year, and one of them was Mystic Nails. The award was received by the founding couple - László Gyimesi Sr. and Lászlóné Gyimesi.

At the decision they took into account the average salary, staff turnover, fringe benefits, and the activities undertaken to improve the employer environment. 

 The fruit and chocolate day and our office massage were also considered as extra points. :)


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