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The highest level of disinfection in your salon: SafeSalon Box air disinfection device! 

The “legacy” of the Coronavirus is that people look at hygiene differently. Expectations and needs have changed, which cannot and should not be ignored, neither by you as nail tech and as an entrepreneur.  This virus will either stay with us or disappear, but one thing is sure: viruses and bacteria have been and will always be. It is also certain that, since the outbreak of the epidemic, people have become much more sensitive to the subject of disinfection. You can be sure that your clients have higher expectations regarding hygiene, and these needs will remain with us for a very long time, if not forever. 


As a nail tech, it is your job and responsibility to create a safe environment for your clients to make them feel good and comfortable. This is true for a nice, cozy salon or a comfortable chair, as well as for disinfection. Although typically there aren’t many people in a salon at once, there may be a need from guests to feel assured of proper disinfection. At the end of the day, at least two people are surely in the salon breathing the same air.


And once we’re here, what about you? Because we believe your health is the most important thing, as you meet a lot of clients every day. You need safety in your salon the most, because if you get sick, you and your family will see the direct damage not only to health but in existential terms. Because you need to remember:  if you don’t work due to illness as a nail tech, you won’t have income in that period. 


The changed needs of the clients, and the protection of the health and livelihood of nail technician professionals have motivated us to come up with a solution together with a multi-award-winning ventilation technology company that can be an EXCELLENT MARKETING TOOL for your clients and TAKES CARE OF YOUR HEALTH at the same time.


We proudly present to you the multi-innovation-award-winner SolveAir disinfection device, and now, within the framework of a cooperation with Mystic Nails Hungary, the Mystic Nails SafeSalon Box air disinfection device was developed specifically designed for nail salons.


What do you need to know about the SafeSalon Box? 

  • First of all, it really disinfects the air! That’s not fake, we wouldn’t add the name Mystic Nails if it were. Several certificates, laboratory measurements and tests officially certify its ability to disinfect (which you can download from here: TÜV_ENG.pdf, SZTE_ENG.pdfSynlab_ENG.pdfSkm_ENG.pdf). If it weren’t true, the device would not have been able to receive the Innovation Award. This device really works, it actually disinfects the air flowing through it, which flow is provided by the device's fans. More specifically, it completely disinfects 1 cubic meter of air in 2 minutes. This roughly means disinfecting a 25 m2 salon with a height of 3 meters in 3 hours.

  • Viruses and bacteria are all microorganisms. This device kills ALL microorganisms in the air flowing through it.

  • This is NOT an ozone disinfectant! This is extremely important to highlight. The device does not produce ozone, so we can stay in the same room with the machine while it's working. What’s more, it’s definitely recommended to stay close, so you might want to place it on your desk or right next to it.

  • It does not emit any harmful substances, so it does not burden the environment.

  • Works chemically free!

  • There are no expensive filters in it, so the maintenance cost is minimal. Besides, the filters won't end up in a landfill polluting our environment.

  • Extremely economical, its consumption is ridiculously low, it requires practically half as much power as it needs for a 36W UV lamp, and it can even be operated from a cigarette lighter in a car.

  • It is mobile and weighs 2 kg, so you can take it with you anywhere, either after work or on holiday to a hotel or restaurant. All you need is a socket where you can plug it in and it works.

  • Easy to use, can be operated with a single on/off button.

  • Maintenance-free, no need for periodic inspections, filter replacement, component replacement, refurbishment, etc. This machine will remain your partner in disinfection for years, with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. What’s more, Mystic Nails provides an extra 3 months warranty for a total of 39 months!

  • Environmentally conscious, no wonder why we like it so much, as environmental awareness is a key aspect of Mystic Nails. An important factor in the design of the device was the recyclability rate, which is why the cover is made of aluminum, which is an infinitely recyclable material.


If the facts described above, the high-quality Innovation Awards and the authentic certificates may still not have convinced you, let us quote the opinion of Dr. Imre Dékány, award-winning Hungarian chemist, university professor, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at SafeSalon Box - SolveAir about the air disinfection device:


“It cleans the air in medical rooms (e.g. doctor's offices, waiting rooms, hospital wards, etc.), but also in schools and households, and has a disinfectant effect against pathogens (bacteria and viruses). According to our measurements, it completely cleans the air of a 20-30 m2 room in 2-3 hours, where we could not detect any chemical or biological pollution - in accordance with the prescribed measurement limits. ”


Let your customers and guests know that there is such a machine in your salon! To do this, we will send you a sticker together with the appliance, which you can stick anywhere in your salon, either on the front door or in the shop window, and which shows your guests that such an air disinfection device in your salon provides pathogen-free air. Besides, you can download this sticker digitally from here, so you can share and promote your salon on social media. 


Technical and physical data:


Power supply: 12 VDC / 1.25 A (max. 3.2 A)

Power consumption: 15 W

Air transport: 60 m3 / h

Noise level: 35 dB

Net weight: 1.6 kg

Dimensions: 200 × 202 × 88 mm


Download manual and user guide here.

You can download the machine's certificates:


What’s in the box?

  • 1 pc of Mystic Nails SafeSalon Box by SolveAir air disinfection device

  • 1 pc of charger

  • User guide (English, Hungarian, German)

  • 1 pc of SolveAir textile bag

  • 1 pc of sticker, which communicates about the disinfection of the air in the salon

  • 2 pcs of spare filters for the fans

Warranty: 3-year manufacturer's warranty + extra 3 months by Mystic Nails

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