LeGrande Color Gel - no.06. - Pure Violet - 4g

LeGrande Color Gel - no.06. - Pure Violet - 4g Click to enlarge
(4.74€ + VAT)

TPO-free product!

-Covers only in one layer
-extreme high pigmentation
-cures in 2 minutes without tacky residue
-no need to wipe after curing
-high-shine surface after curing
-no need for Glossy Top Gel

Quicker and simple work with less used materials and perfect upshots.. this is LeGrande Color Gel only from Mystic Nails.

How to use:

1. File the sculpted nail.
2. Apply one layer of LeGrande Color Gel and cure for 2 minutes in UV light.
3. Ready! (No clean, no top shine).

Tip: In case covering the whole nail with one color if you wish to ensure more durability we recommend the use of Base/Gloss or Luxury Glossy Finish Gel on the top. Before applying the glossy top cover cure the LeGrande Color Gel only for 10 seconds in UV lamp so the glossy cover will stick on the surface without any problems. The flexible glossy top gels (mentioned above) will ensure multiple durability.

Interested in exactly what TPO is and why it is harmful?

In the video below, Laci Gyimesi, CEO of Mystic Nails, reminds you of things you almost certainly haven't thought about. Watch it below:


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