MagyarBrands Excellent Brand Award

We are very pleased and proud that our company has won the HungarianBrands award for several times since 2018, which is unique among nail brands.

We have recently been awarded in the Employer Brand of Excellence, the Business Brand of Excellence and the Consumer Brand of Excellence categories, too.

HungarianBrands awards is a Hungarian brand that fees Hungarian companies within and outside our borders, as well as represent values in the national and international markets that certify reliability and quality for customers.

The selection process for HungarainBrands is extremely complex: it involves a multi-stage assessment based on the consensus opinion of consumers and experts. Its jury rewards hungarian companies that place a high priority on quality, values and commitment to employees.

We are very grateful to the committee, our staff and last but not least to our customers for helping to make Mystic Nails Hungary one of the most awarded nail brand in Europe!