Classic Deluxe FukCover Gel - 4g

Classic Deluxe FukCover Gel - 4g Click to enlarge
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  4g   20 sec
  2 min   Medium
  50 sec   Yes
Mystic Nails
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Curing time (LED) Yes
Covering ability Excellent
Suitable for bending Yes
Curing time (UV) 2 minutes
Viscosity Medium
Soak-off No

Why is it called FukCover? Click here and learn the fictional history of Deluxe FukCover Gel ;)

It's a single-phase gel, which means you can build directly on the form without the need for a clear base. Despite its high pigmentation this gel cures through completely and also adheres superbly on the properly prepared natural nail. Sculpting nude gel nails has never been so simple and quick.

To use it, we recommend any of our Mystic Nails Glamour sculpting gel brushes.

  • pleasant nude colour
  • perfect covering ability
  • medium viscosity
  • crystalline texture ensures it does not run off yet is self-leveling
  • allows for faster salon work
  • its flexibility makes it particularly suitable for extreme shapes

UV lamp: 2 minutes (min. 36W)
(curing time for bending approx. 10-12 seconds in UV lamp)
LED: 50 seconds (min. 10W)
CCFL: 20 seconds (min. 24W)

Tip: It is advisable to mix before use if you have used it for a long time, as the pigments will settle to the bottom of the jar.
Use a spatula and gently smooth it out in small movements, avoiding bubbles!

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