Professional quality Mystic Nail Form for saloon nails


  • premium quality fiber-reinforced paper
  • super strong adhesive coating
  • flawless form stability
  • no need for further pinching
  • perforated wing-shape inner centre for perfect fitting
  • yellow guiding lines for precise cutting
  • suitable for all type of salon nails

Made of premium quality fiber-reinforced paper this form does not need any further stabilization with aluminium form underlay or other accessories.


The back side is covered with super strong adhesive coating so that the form sticks strongly to the finger’s skin and also to itself (the wings to each other) in order to ensure flawless stability during the sculpting process.

Form keeping:

Due to its special paper material and strong adhesion we can easily create the final form of the sculpted nail just by setting up the nail form correctly and without having to pinch additionally during the sculpting.

Set up:

The perforated wing-shape inner centre and the yellow guiding lines are the key to be able to set up the form bypassing the fingertip and paste together its wings as tight as possible.

Guiding lines:

While setting up the nail form the yellow guiding lines which meet the corner points of the natural nail will show you where and how to cut out the form to ensure the very best fitting to the free edge. Cut the form along the yellow guiding line until the wings of the perforated inner centre.


The design and the optimal size of the side wings ensure stable hold while setting up the form but also prevent from displacement when placing the nail in the lamp.

Application: Specifically crafted for salon work this form is superb to use for square, oval, round, almond, russian almond, monroe and pipe forms but not limited to.


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