Professional tool for professionals.

Good work takes time," says the proverb, but in our opinion, a good tool is also necessary for the truthfulness of this wisdom. Moreover! A good tool speeds up the work.
Therefore, the motto of Mystic Nails goes like this: For good work, you need good tools, and this way, less time is required! Alright, let's get to the good tool: for nail and manicure work, this a Professional Cuticle Pusher and Scraper is an essential accessory.
The spoon-like end can be safely pushed backwards over the adhered cuticle, while the other end, which ends in a sharp scraper, can be used carefully and precisely to remove the adhered, dead, membranous skin cells attached to the nail. 

Professional Cuticle Pusher and Scraper made from stainless steel by clicking here!