Transfer Foil Gel - Black 4g

Transfer Foil Gel - Black 4g Click to enlarge
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Deep black colored gel that can be applied both on shiny and matte surface; with its help, you can easily create the desired pattern, and the transfer foil adheres to it perfectly.

Simple usage: with the help of a thin brush (Glamour Liner Brush #0) create the desired pattern on the nail with the Transfer Foil Gel, then after curing (for 1 minute in UV lamp, 30-40 seconds in LED lamp) press the back of the foil on the pattern with a firm move. After that, firmly remove the foil, and the stunning pattern is ready.

Note: The curing time depends on the UV/LED lamp, and on how thick layer of Transfer Foil Gel you used. Test your lamp before usage!

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