New Members Join the Fill&Form Family!

Mystic Nails Hungary is proud to announce the introduction of two new miracle products to the popular Fill&Form range in 4g and 30g packs! Meet the latest innovations to take your nail art to an even higher level.

1. Fill&Form Fresh Cover

Meet the new addition to the Fill&Form family, a softer viscosity version of Fill&Form Acrylgel in a cooler pinker cover shade! This new shade is not only easy to use, but once you try it, you'll never be able to stop using it. Its colour is perfect for highlighting the pure whiteness of French nails, but it's also really stunning on its own. Give it a try and feel the art in your hands with every movement!

2. The Fill&Form Ice White

And here's Ice White, a really special white Acrylic that shines with its dazzling ice white shade. Its ability to retain colour during knitting is unrivalled, making it the perfect choice for any white technique. Whatever your style or design, with Ice White all your work will remain as brilliantly white as freshly fallen snow.

Put it in the basket and feel the difference in your hands!