113 Discontinued Products at 30% Discount

Summer is fading, but the hottest deals are just arriving! Scroll down and check out the DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS, which you can grab with a 30% discount while stocks last. You can also find the DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS in the “Discounted products” category.

For other items, only certain packaging is being phased out; these are the DISCONTINUED PACKAGED PRODUCTS, and their prices will remain unchanged. We're only removing the packaging listed below from our online store. If there's a product of which you only liked certain sizes, be sure to take a look at the list! Don't hesitate! 

  • Classic Builder Clear Gel - 4g
  • Classic Builder Pink Gel - 4g
  • Classic Competition Cover Gel - 4g
  • Classic Competition Pink Gel - 4g
  • Classic Evo Mega Clear Gel - 4g
  • Classic Silky Clear Gel - 4g
  • Powder Competition Pink - 185ml
  • Powder Competition Pink - 5ml
  • Powder Competition White - 185ml
  • Powder Competition White - 5ml
  • Powder Cover Pink - 5ml
  • Powder Delicate Pink - 5ml
  • Powder Light Cover Rose - 5ml
  • Powder Milky White - 5ml
  • Powder X White - 185ml
  • Powder X White - 5ml